Lindsey Vonn Says Little Things Can Help Change A Life

Lindsey Vonn is an American World Cup alpine ski racer on the US Ski Team. She is not just an athlete, but also one of the best. Lindsey is an inspiration for everyone, she has won four World Cup overall championships.

Lindsey Vonn says I think little things can make a big impact.

According to the 32 years old athlete, she met ski racer Picabo Street at an autograph signing in Minneapolis.

Lindsey said, “It was like meeting a superhero in real life.”

The athlete is thankful for everyone, especially to her family.


lindsey Vonn

Instagram: @lindseyvonn


Lindsey said, “Those two minutes changed my perspective and made me want to be an Olympian.” “I think little things can make a big impact and help change a life,” she added.

The athlete wants to help young girls.

Lindsey said, “I want to empower young girls and inspire them in as many ways as we can.” “We try and help them gain confidence and pursue dreams even when people tell them they can’t,” she added.

Through her foundation, she reaches girls in many ways.

The athlete said, “I want to give girls hope.” “Maybe you’re not confident, or you have a coach or a teacher who tells you you’re not good enough,” she added.


lindsey Vonn

Instagram: @lindseyvonn


The 32 years old athlete is not just beautiful, but also a hard working person.

Lindsey said, “We want to help change that path and help them believe in themselves so they see there’s another way.” “Sometimes it takes just a small gesture to help girls deal with their world better,” she added.

The athlete never forgets to take good care of her body because she wants to stay healthy and fit.

Lindsey said, “I met one girl who had some pretty major depression issues and was hurting herself.” “She went to our speaker series, and she’s not hurting herself anymore. Those are the kinds of stories that I love hearing because we’re making a difference,” she added.

Written by: Mae S.

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