Nicole Johnson Wears Julie Vino Wedding Dress

Nicole Johnson is an American model and beauty queen while Michael Phelps is an American former competitive swimmer. Recently, the couple upgraded their relationship to the next level.

Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson got married.

On Saturday, the couple wed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The beauty queen changes her Instagram name to Mrs. Nicole Phelps.

Nicole was happy with her look, the designer of the gown is Julie Vino.

The designers said, “She did not want the traditional bridal gown. She wanted something that was a little more easygoing and flowing, and a slit up the side.”


Nicole Johnson

Instagram: @mrs.nicolephelps


The beauty queen talks to Julie to create her wedding gown.

Julie said, “Nicole was fond of me for a few years, apparently, and contacted me and asked me to make a dress.”

Nicole is not just beautiful, but also a very loving mom and wife.

The designer said, “After a whole bunch of emails and Skype calls. I got the basic idea of what she was looking for and sketched a couple of dresses for her.”

Nicole is very grateful for everyone, especially to her family.


Nicole Johnson

Instagram: @mrs.nicolephelps


Julie said, “When we did our first fitting, the dress fit her almost perfectly. Nicole came with a couple of her friends and Facetimed with her mother. She didn’t want to take the dress off. She was crying and everyone was happy.”

The couple is very busy, but they always make sure to spend time together.

Nicole and Michael are both hard working because they want the best for their family.

For Nicole, her husband is not just a great man, but also very supportive.

The designer said, “She had lost some weight, I suppose like every bride does, so we did a few more alterations on her.”

The couple is thankful because of the blessings they receive.

Nicole knows that being a mom is not easy, but she will definitely try her best.

Written by: Mae S.

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