Stephanie Davis Displays Her Baby Bump

Stephanie Davis is an English actress, she is one of the most well-known celebrities. The 23 years old actress always shares baby bump photos in her Instagram account, she can’t want to meet her baby boy.

Stephanie Davis displays huge bump.

The actress is very happy in her life, especially now that she is going to be a mom.

Stephanie always takes baby bump pictures and upload to her Instagram account. She is very thankful to her fans, because they are very supportive.

The actress is really beautiful.


Stephanie Davis

Instagram: @stephaniedavis88


Before her Instagram photo above, she shares a nice shot. Stephanie is wearing a long light pink top.


Stephanie Davis

Instagram: @stephaniedavis88


The actress didn’t forget to use her Twitter account, “Can’t wait to take my son trick or treating in a little costume hehe😍seen so many Fab pictures on Twitter!So many amazing times to come💛😍👶🏻.”


Stephanie Davis

Twitter: @Stephdavis77


Stephanie is an inspiration for many women, especially to her fans.

During her pregnancy, she makes sure to take good care of herself.

The actress was rushed to the hospital because of suspected early labor pains.

Stephanie said, “I woke up in the night with these horrific pains. They came close together and my mum was timing them.” “I was vomiting with the pain and nearly passing out. My mum nearly called an ambulance, but ended up taking me herself,” she added.

She is very grateful to everyone, especially to her family.

The actress said, “In the hospital they said I was giving all the signs that I was going into labor. I was sucking the life out of the gas and air but when they checked, I wasn’t bleeding or dilating.”

According to Stephanie, her baby is fine.

The actress said, “I was much bigger than I should have been, so now I have growth scans booked in so they can monitor me.” “We’ve always been convinced I’m further on than I thought,” she added.

Written by: Mae S.

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