Jennifer Lawrence Pays Tribute Jodie Foster

The 26 years old actress paid tribute to Jodie Foster, who is a one-time child actress and two-time Oscar winner. Jennifer Lawrence is not just a celebrity, but one of the most famous actresses.

Jennifer Lawrence says I was lucky enough.

On Friday, the actress took the stage at the British Academy’s Britannia Awards

Jennifer said, “I was lucky enough to be directed by Jodie in a movie called, wait for it, The Beaver.” “Stanley Kubrick, one of the greatest visionaries of all time once said, ‘If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed. But even Stanley Kubrick wouldn’t have the balls to direct a feature film starring a hand puppet,” she added.

For her fans, she is not just an actress, but also an inspiration.


Jennifer Lawrence

Facebook: @JenniferLawrence


Jennifer is very thankful for everyone, especially to her family and friends.

According to the actress, she was afraid of fame.

Jennifer said, “But when I would watch Jodie, the smart, solid, rational person who treated everyone around her with complete respect and who was never fake, I knew there was hope.”

The actress continue, “Jodie once said to me, one day you’ll look back at the choices you made as an actor and it will reflect something that’s going on in your personal life.


Jennifer Lawrence

Facebook: @JenniferLawrence


Jennifer is not just a great actress, but also a woman with a big heart.

The actress said, “She broke down barriers, charted a path and proved that Hollywood’s norms aren’t always normal.”

For Jennifer, Jodie’s kindness inspired her.

The actress said, “Your talent and bravery has made a permanent impact on our industry.”

She is very thankful for all the blessings she receives.

After Jennifer takes the stage, Jodie said, “I am so flattered that she seems to have followed in my footsteps as the clumsiest actress in Hollywood.” “Honestly all I’ve ever wanted to do was make movies,” she added.

Written by: Mae S.

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