Casey Wilson Shares Photo of Her Son As Donald Trump

Casey Wilson is an American actress and comedian while her husband is an American film and television writer. Recently, Casey shared a photo of her son as Donald Trump.

Casey Wilson shares a photo of Max.

In 2015, the 36 years old actress and her husband welcomed their son, Max.

The couple are very happy because they have each other.

Casey used her official Instagram account and shares a photo of her son with a caption, “Happy Halloween from the only Trump I’d vote for! (Baby Trump is for Hillary;).”


Casey Wilson

Instagram: @caseyrosewilson


The style is similar to Donald Trump, but there’s something different, his Hillary 2016 pin.

Max is the only child of Casey and David Caspe.

Casey is very thankful because of his baby.

In August, the actress talks about their cute photo.

Casey said, “If I can get a laugh out of him, I feel I’m really at the top of my game.” “He doesn’t give it up so easily,” she added.

According to her, physical comedy works for Max.

The actress said, “It’s sort of back to basics with him.” “I did do a little clown work in this bouncy house he was crawling around. I did some pratfalls, and that seemed to get him, not for long, but I thought, I still got it,” she added.

The couple is very grateful to their friends, especially to their family.


Casey Wilson

Instagram: @caseyrosewilson


For her family, Casey is not just an actress, but also the best mom.

The actress admits that she is not ready for having a baby girl.

Casey said, “I almost felt relieved when I found out I was having a boy.”

The actress didn’t forget to mention that his son always tries to make them laugh.

Casey said, “He’s in a little bit of a phase where he’s learning the power of getting a laugh, and trying to make my husband and I laugh.”

Written by: Mae S.

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