President Obama Says He Laughs At Donald Trump

On Monday, President Obama spends time with Jimmy Kimmel and talks about his possible successors, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Barack Obama is not just a politician, but one of the most influential men worldwide.

President Obama says he laughs most of the time.

Recently, the President of the United States admitted he laughs at Donald Trump.

Jimmy said, “The Secret Service was very thorough this afternoon. I got my office swept and my prostate checked. And guess what?” “Obamacare covered the whole thing,” he added.

Barack did not hold back at Donald, the president also reveals that he has heard and seen the lewd video of the GOP nominee with Billy Bush.


President Obama

Instagram: @barackobama


The president said, “I did watch, I think we were in Chicago, someone showed me on a phone.”

Jimmy asked, ““When you watch the debate and you watch Donald Trump do you ever actually laugh?”

Barack said, “Most of the time.”

The president didn’t forget to give a glowing endorsement for Hillary, ““It’s about getting policy right and making sure folks are doing a little bit better.” “The brand of politics that Hillary represents, which is pragmatic and says that you don’t get everything done at once, you make progress and move pieces at a time, that may not attract as much attention, it’s not something that goes into 140 characters as easily, but I think she will be an outstanding president,” he added.


President Obama

Instagram: @barackobama


The president said, “I think Hillary’s doing just fine.” “I am enjoying campaigning on her behalf and also campaigning for Senate and House candidates,” he added.

Barack’s family is very proud of him because of his achievements.

The president said, “I now have an iPhone, but it is, you know, like, the phone you give your 2-year-old, where they can pretend to press things, but nothing actually happens? So my phone has no phone, no camera, no music,  all it has is the Internet, and I can send e-mails.”

Barack is very thankful to everyone, especially to his wife.

Written by: Mae S.

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