Emma Willis Says It’s An Ongoing Learning Curve

Emma Willis is a British television presenter and former model. She is one of the most famous celebrities with lots of fans worldwide. Recently, Emma speaks about her family.

Emma Willis on being a mom.

The 40 years old television presenter is one of the most beautiful and nicest women in the showbiz.

Emma is not just happy in her career, but also in life. She is very thankful because of her husband and children.

Five months ago, Emma gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

The television presenter said, “I’ve got three kids, my body’s already been through a lot, and now this is the hardest I’ve ever exercised.” “I wouldn’t normally look like this five months after giving birth,” she added.


Emma Willis

Instagram: @emmawillisofficial


Emma is a hard working person and she enjoys her role not just as a television presenter, but also as a mom.

The television presenter said, “One of our best friends is a personal trainer, he comes round to the house and we do everything, squats, dead lifts, HIIT classes, boxing,” she added.

Emma always makes sure to take good care not just herself, but also her family.

The television presenter said, “Being able to grow a child is just the best thing in the world.” “But some days I’d look at the amount of cellulite covering my lower body and go, oh, it would be nice to have that sucked out right now,” she added.


Emma Willis

Instagram: @emmawillisofficial


The couple are very happy because they have each other.

Emma said, “It’s handy having a younger husband, because people assume we’re the same age.” “It’s only a seven-year gap, it’s not that much really,” she added.

The television presenter managed to balance everything while working.

Emma said, “We’re lucky because we have a lot of hands to help.” “It’s an ongoing learning curve, definitely. Having three kids is the most rewarding and terrifying thing,” she added.

Written by: Mae S.

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