Healthy Burritos: 5 Meals That Will Keep You Full

If you are looking for healthy burritos that will keep you full while giving you a delicious and satisfying taste, then you need to try these meals.

Here are the 5 healthy burritos that you don’t want to miss.


1. Steak and Quinoa Burrito Bowl

Healthy Burritos

Photo: The Girls on Bloor

You don’t need a tortilla for this meal, but it will keep you full. You will never regret preparing this because the taste is really great. Prepare vegetables and steak. In addition, you need to include avocado for richer flavor.


2. Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls

Healthy Burritos

Photo: B Britnell

Who doesn’t want to eat a delicious burrito, but lighter on carbs? Prepare some spaghetti squash. In addition, you need to include the beans and veggies. This meal is also perfect for special occasion, your family and friends will love this.


3. Burrito Bowl Mason Jar Salads

Healthy Burritos

Photo: Strictly Delicious

If you are health conscious, but want to have a delicious meal, then you need to try this. Prepare some chicken, bacon and quinoa. In addition, you need to use some sweet potato for extra flavor. You will never regret making this meal for your family and friends.


4. Gluten-Free Blackened Fish Taco Bowls

Healthy Burritos

Photo: Noshtastic

If you want a healthy meal, then this one is the best choice. You need to prepare some fish, corn and beans. In addition, you can use some avocado. You will never regret making this meal because the taste is really good.


5. Sweet Potato, Black Bean, and Egg White Breakfast Burritos

Healthy Burritos

Photo: Ambitious Kitchen

This meal is not just delicious, but very healthy. This is perfect for breakfast and for busy people because it contains fiber. In addition, you need to include some beans and avocado. Don’t forget to use egg whites. Start your day with a healthy meal.


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Written by: Mae S.

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