Josh Brown Admits In Letters And Emails To Abusing Ex-Wife

Josh Brown is an American football placekicker for the New York Giants, he also played college football at Nebraska. Aside from being an athlete, Josh is also a dad.

Josh Brown admits abusing his ex-wife.

According to the police documents, two years before Josh was arrested for domestic violence, he admits abusing his ex-wife. Not just physically and verbally, but also emotionally.

Josh considered himself a God while Molly is the slave.

The athlete wrote, “I have been a horrible husband and stepfather.” “I have abused my wife,” he added.


Josh Brown

Instagram: @jcbrown3


Molly told the police that he is physically abusive not just once, but several times.

King County prosecuting attorney’s spokesman said, “It was determined that there was insufficient evidence to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt.”

In August, Josh told the reporters that the incident last year was a single moment in time, but the documents are very different.

Josh wrote, “I have been a liar most of my life.”

The 165 pages documents are part of the evidence.

Josh wrote, “I made selfish decisions to use and abuse women starting at the age of 7.” “I objectified women and never really worried about the pain and hurt I caused them,” he added.


Josh Brown

Instagram: @jcbrown3


The athlete wrote, “My ability to connect emotionally to other people was zero.”

For Josh, his empathy levels were zero because he became an abuser.

Josh wrote, “I am to blame for all of this.”

The NFL denied prior knowledge of his statement, “We concluded our own investigation, more than a year after the initial incident, based on the facts and evidence available to us at the time.”

The athlete wrote in an email from 2013, “I am sure you were afraid to tell me how you truly felt because you feared my reaction.” “I have struck fear in your heart and not love, compassion or friendship,” he added.

Written by: Mae S.

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