Gabrielle Reece Says I Don’t Want To Sit In The Gym

Gabrielle Reece is an American professional volleyball player, sports announcer, model and actress. She is the wife of Laird Hamilton, who is an American big-wave surfer and model.

Gabrielle Reece says Laird Hamilton keeps her inspired.

The couple are very happy because they have each other.

According to the volleyball player her husband keeps her inspired and motivated.

Gabrielle said, “We joke that the only time we really work out together is in the pool because you can’t talk because you’re underwater.” “We do the pool and sauna and icing together, but our other training we do separate. I feel if you’re married and live together, you need to create your own spaces,” she added.


Gabrielle Reece

Instagram: @gabbyreece


According to the volleyball player, they encourage each other to try new workouts while sticking to their fitness routines.

Gabrielle said, “I bounce training ideas off of him.” “That back and forth has helped both of us keep that energy going. It’s so hard to do it on your own and stay motivated and inspired,” she added.

For the 46 years old athlete, Laird is not just a great man, but a very understanding husband.

Gabrielle said, “It’s continuous movement, try to recover very little, but do things that make sense for functional movement. I either use my body weight or dumbbells or free weights.”

The athlete always makes sure to maximize her time because she wants everything to get done.

The two are very busy, but they never forget to spend time for their family.


Gabrielle Reece

Instagram: @gabbyreece


The couple is very health conscious because they want to stay fit.

Gabrielle doesn’t mind when life gets in the way, especially when it comes to her fitness routine.

The athlete said, “It feels good to me, but sometimes my schedule is crazy with my kids or work.”

She always takes good care of herself.

Gabrielle said, “You don’t have to kill yourself over long periods of time, just smart, short and consistent routines.”

Written by: Mae S.

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