Sarah Michelle Gellar On Balancing Work and Family

Sarah Michelle Gellar is an American actress, producer and entrepreneur. She is not just one of the most famous celebrities, but also a very loving mom.

Sarah Michelle Gellar on being a mom and entrepreneur.

The 39 years old actress is trying her best not just to be the best mom, but also to keep the lives of her children as normal as possible.

Sarah and her husband are both hard working because they want the best for their children.

The actress said, “I feel like home and work balance is an ever evolving process.” “Most importantly, wherever I am, I know I need to give 100 percent of myself,” she added.


Sarah Michelle Gellar

Instagram: @sarahmgellar


In 2015, Sarah and her business partner, Galit Laibow launched Foodstirs.

Galit said, “It’s not easy and sometimes it’s rather messy.” “It doesn’t look like photos on Instagram! It’s a constant trade off: come home early to have dinner and then stay up way too late finishing work. However, I wouldn’t change it for the world,” she added.

Sarah is very busy, but she never forgets to spend time with her children.

The couple managed to go shopping with their little ones.

They are very happy because they have each other.


Sarah Michelle Gellar

Instagram: @sarahmgellar


Sarah said, “Wherever I am, I know I need to give 100 percent of myself.” “When I am at home, I need to put the phone down and be focused, and when I am at work, that deserves my undivided attention,” she added.

The actress is thankful to her friends, especially to her family.

According to Sarah, her husband is not just supportive, but also a very loving father.

Sarah has two children with her husband.

The actress said, “It can prove incredibly challenging when my kids are at home.” “They are truly respectful of my working. It’s me who wants to know what they are doing and join them,” she added.

Written by: Mae S.


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