Bethenny Frankel Says We Have Another Television Show

Bethenny Frankel is an American reality television personality, talk show host, author and entrepreneur. The 45 years old television personality is not just one of those well-known celebrities, she is also a mom.

Bethenny Frankel on her future.

Bethenny is a successful television producer off-camera. She is very happy not just in her life, but also in her career.

In an interview with Fortune, Bethenny revealed that she has her hand in a few TV projects including a one new show.

Bethenny said, “I have a TV production company called B Real Productions and we have another television show that should be announced at some point with Bravo.” “Let’s just say project at Bravo, that will happen,” she added.


Bethenny Frankel

Instagram: @bethennyfrankel


According to Bethenny, they are selling a lot of different shows.

She said, “I’m a successful television producer off-camera, which is great.” “There’s another really kind of major show I’m about to start selling,” she added.

Bethenny admits that she doesn’t know how long her career on-camera will last.

She said, “I don’t know how long that will go, but it seems that I have a knack for reality television,” she added.


Bethenny Frankel

Instagram: @bethennyfrankel


Bethenny is very active when it comes to working on founding a charity, it will help women.

She said, “Dress for success is a charity that I work with and my divorce had been sort of a catalyst to help women in crisis, going through something that they can’t see their way out of.”

Soon, she will announce the name of the charity.

Bethenny has a good heart because she always wants to help other people, especially women.

The television personality, experience different kinds of challenges in life, but she never gives up.

Bethenny is very thankful to her family and friends, especially for her fans.

Written by: Mae S.

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