Benedict Cumberbatch: I Understood My Parents Much More

Benedict Cumberbatch is an English actor and film producer. Last year, the 40 years old actor and his wife Sophie Hunter upgrade their relationship to the next level.

Benedict Cumberbatch understood his parents.

The actor is very happy because of his wife and son, Christopher “Kit” Carlton.

Benedict admits that the best role for him is being a dad.

The 40 years old actor said, “Having a baby, it’s massive.” “And on a very unexpected level. Suddenly I understood my parents much more profoundly than I ever had before,” he added.


Benedict Cumberbatch

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According to Benedict, welcoming Kit helps him to prepare for his role as Hamlet at London’s Barbican Centre.

The actor said, “I was expecting, with Hamlet, that it might be a hindrance to be a father, because it’s all about being a son.” “But it’s the opposite. You understand much more about being a son, becoming a father,” he added.

The couple met nearly 20 years ago, but they didn’t immediately start dating. On Valentine’s Day last year, Benedict and Sophie got married. After four months, they welcomed their son, Kit.

Benedict didn’t forget to mention that there are so many people who believe that his new family is all for show.

The actor said, “There are people who believe that my wife is a P.R. stunt and my child is a P.R. stunt.” “I think really it’s to do with the idea that the ‘Internet’s boyfriend’ can’t actually belong to anyone else but the Internet. It’s impossible he belongs to anyone but me,” he added.

His co-star in the upcoming film Doctor Strange speaks about the new dad with admiration.

Tilda Swinton said, “My fondest impression of him is as a new husband besotted by his girl, and a new father, enchanted by his boy.” “His life suits and nourishes him and that it makes the world go round,” she added.

Written by: Mae S.

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