LeBron James Endorses Hillary Clinton

One of the most influential people endorses Hillary Clinton. LeBron James is an American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is one of the great athletes with millions of fans and followers worldwide.

LeBron James endorses Hillary Clinton for president.

The NBA star gives his full support to Hillary Clinton.

On Sunday, LeBron wrote that he wants Hillary because she will build on the legacy of his good friend, President Barack Obama.

The basketball player spent his time, money and effort in order to build his hometown of Akron.

According to him, Hillary is the only one who will understand the struggles of an Akron child born into poverty.


LeBron James

Instagram: @kingjames


LeBron said, “I believe in what President Obama has done for our country and support her commitment to continuing that legacy.”

The NBA star didn’t forget to mention that Hillary is the best candidate to stop the violence.

LeBron said, “We need a president who brings us together and keeps us unified.” “Policies and ideas that divide us more are not the solution. We must all stand together, no matter where we are from or the color of our skin. And Hillary is running on the message of hope and unity that we need,” he added.


LeBron James

Instagram: @kingjames


According to his wife, LeBron is not just his husband, but her best friend.

The NBA star is an inspiration for many people because he is a very hard working person.

LeBron is not just a great man, but a very responsible father with a big heart. He never forgets to help other people, especially those who are in needs.

The basketball player said, “There’s still a lot of work to be done in Akron, Northeast Ohio, and all across our great country. We need a president who understands our community and will build on the legacy of President Obama.” “So let’s register to vote, show up to the polls, and vote for Hillary Clinton,” he added.

Written by: Mae S.

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