Ben Affleck Says Your Heart Is Outside Your Body

Ben Affleck is an American actor and filmmaker; he is the husband of Jennifer Garner. His movie career is one of the most enviable in Hollywood. He is not just one of the most well-known celebrities, but an inspiration for many people.

Ben Affleck speaks about parenting.

The 44 years old actor is one of the great actors, he won two Oscars. Ben is one of the most amazing people in the world.

According to his kids, they really want to see some of Ben’s films, but they can’t.

Ben said, “They’re like, ‘When do you make a movie we can see?”


Ben Affleck

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Ben plays the accountant in the R-rated thriller. The fictional parenting style gives him a pause.

The actor said, “That’s what I thought was the most heartbreaking thing about the story and it was definitely moving to me as a parent.” “I face dilemmas that we all do every day about what’s the right way to raise children, what’s the right thing to teach them? Every moment there comes a crossroad,” he added.

Ben tries his best as a dad; he is really a great man. The actor is thankful, because his wife is very supportive.

The 44 years old actor always want to make the right parenting choices for his kids.

Ben said, “When you have kids, what’s that expression, your heart is outside your body, all of the sudden you feel so vulnerable and this fear of a child being vulnerable is very, very powerful.” “I can see why it made for a really interesting character in the father,” he added.

Ben is a hard working person, because he always wants the best for his family.

The couple is very busy, but they always make sure to spend time together with their kids.

Ben is really happy with his life.

Written by: Mae S.


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