Nigel Barker Says Let’s Start Collaborating

Nigel Barker is an English reality TV shows personality, fashion photographer and author. Aside from being one of the most well-known celebrities, Nigel is a father and a husband.

Nigel Barker on his new furniture line.

If the 44 years old TV personality were a piece of furniture, then he will definitely be a full-length mirror.

According to Nigel, it’s about self-reflection.

The reason why he finally creates the furniture collection he’d been dreaming of is because of his own interest. Nigel was very interested in woodwork to metalwork.

The TV personality studied fashion design, pattern cutting and weaving. Nigel admits that he never studied photography.


Nigel Barker

Instagram: @nigelbarker


When Nigel travels the world, he always purchases a piece of art in every country.

The 44 years old TV personality said, “I slowly but surely built this whole collection of furniture that I have in my house to this day.” “I’ve always had this great interest in any kind of design, but specifically I’ve always loved furniture,” he added.

Years later, Nigel found his opportunity when he met Art Van.

The TV personality explains, “He said ‘let’s start collaborating and see how it all works.” “In the meantime, he did an amazing thing: He started having me consult on all kinds of things throughout the company. He took me to the big furniture fairs. He was literally giving me this education on furniture for about two years. And then he sort of turned around and said, ‘Okay, you’re ready to make your furniture line now,” he added.

Nigel is really happy with his family and career.

The TV personality said, “Throughout my house, you’ll see these fun, bright, expressive pieces that I’ve purchased from my travels, but then they work so well with these classic family heirlooms I brought from England.”

Nigel is very close to his kids.


Nigel Barker

Instagram: @nigelbarker


According to his family, Nigel is a very loving father. He is not just responsible, but has always spent time with them.

Written by: Mae S.

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