Joe Jonas Says That Was My Favorite Hair

Joe Jonas is an American singer and actor, just like his brothers, he is really popular. The 27 years old singer has millions of fans and followers worldwide.

Joe Jonas reveals his favorite hairstyle.

According to Joe, his favorite hairstyle was from his Camp Rock days.

Joe and Demi Lovato have been best friends since way before their superstar status made. The two always poke fun at each other.

Before the two hit the stage, Joe and Demi didn’t forget to mention that they are experimenting with different hairstyles.

Demi said,”There were a lot of hair changes.” “A lot of colors, too,” Joe added.


Joe Jonas

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Joe is really a nice guy, and lots of girls go crazy because of him.

Aside from being one of the most well-known celebrities, Joe is a great brother. For his family and friends, he is really a nice guy.

The 27 years old singer reveals his favorite hairstyle of all time.

According to Joe, flat ironing is his favorite hairstyle.

The 27 years old singer is really busy, but he never forgets to take good care of himself.


Joe Jonas

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Joe didn’t forget to mention that working with his BFF is one of the best aspects of his job.

The singer said, “It’s nice that in this crazy industry, we have friends like this, it’s genuine.” “It’s not like red carpet friends where you hug them and never talk to them again,” he added.

Joe and Demi manage to maintain their friendship, they are very happy.

The 27 years old singer is very thankful not just for all the blessings he receives, but also to his family and friends.

Joe is grateful to all his fans, because they are very supportive.

Joe said, “We actually get to spend time together, and it makes shows like this a lot of fun.”

The two are not just comfortable with each other, but having fun together. They enjoy their time together while performing.

Written by: Mae S.

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