Nick Jonas: I had A Very Real Conversation With Him

Nick Jonas is a singer, songwriter and actor. He is one of the most popular celebrities; Nick has millions of fans and followers worldwide.

Nick Jonas opens up about his relationship with Kevin and Joe.

The 24 years old actor is stepping into the role of frat bro, but it’s not exactly what people would expect.

Nick plays the elder sibling in the movie, Goat. It is a true story about two brothers who experience emotional consequences of hazing.

According to Nick, his role made him reflect on his relationship with Kevin and Joe. Just like him, his brothers are also famous.


Nick Jonas

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Nick said, “I also have brothers and my journey with them has been complicated and great,”

Nick discovers so many things about himself, because of the movie.

In the movie, his character Brett is convinced that the fraternity is the best place for his brother. He believes that his younger brother can put all the troubles behind and join the group, but everything changed.

When the initiation becomes torturous, he begins to ask why he’s part of the fraternity.


The 24 years old actor said, “I always think, would I have done it? Even after making this, would I have gone about it?” “My belief is that, with boundaries, anything is possible and there’s a way to go about fraternity life in the hazing culture where it can be healthy and not traumatic,” he added.

His younger brother Frankie is in college.

Nick said, “My little brother started college a month ago.” “You can imagine after making this film, I had a very real conversation with him where I said, Okay, before you even think about joining a fraternity, you need to watch this movie,” he added.

The actor thinks that the new film will help other people think carefully before they decide to join a fraternity.


Nick Jonas

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Goat is in theaters now.

Written by: Mae S.