Katherine Heigl And Husband Are Expecting Their First Child

Katherine Heigl is an American actress, film producer and former model. She is the wife of Josh Kelley, who is an American singer-songwriter and actor.

Katherine Heigl and her husband Josh are expecting their first baby.

The couple is ready to welcome their first child. Katherine is 19 weeks pregnant, and sharing her experience on new blog Those Heavenly Days.

Katherine used her official Instagram account and shares a beautiful photo with a caption, “For all you gestating ladies out there check out Those Heavenly Days for my Pregnancy Favs…Thus Far and get some tips and tricks for feeling more comfortable inside and out while growing a life!”


Katherine Heigl

Instagram: @katherineheigl


The photo receives thousands of likes and comments from her fans, everyone is happy for Katherine and her husband.

Josh and Katherine have two adopted daughters,  Adalaide Marie Hope and Nancy Leigh. The two can’t wait to welcome their baby brother.

Adalaide and Nancy are so lucky, because their mom and dad love them so much.

The couple is ready to have another child.

Recently, the actress shares some tips on her blog, “I thought that even if only a few of my discoveries were helpful to another pregnant gal I should for sure share them.”


Katherine Heigl

Instagram: @katherineheigl


Last June, they shared the great news that they are expecting their first son.

In her statement, “The Kelley clan is thrilled to announce that we are expecting a third addition to our family. Naleigh and Adalaide could not be more excited to welcome their new sibling into the fold and Josh and I are overflowing with joy and gratitude.”

According to Katherine, Josh is not just a great person, but the best dad in the world.

They are thankful not just for all the blessings they receives, but also for their fans, family and friends.


Katherine Heigl and daughters.

Katherine Heigl


The actress is not just a celebrity, but also an inspiration for many women. For her kids, Katherine is a very loving mom.

Written by: Mae S.

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