Kanye West Says It Cost Me Everything I Had

Kanye West is an American recording artist, songwriter, fashion designer and entrepreneur. He is very serious when it comes to fashion design, but not everyone is buying into the baggy sweats and printed sneakers that he sells.

Kanye West to his fashion critics.

Recently, the recording artist explains the tense relationship he has with the fashion industry.

Kanye said, “I basically still had to do the apparel in L.A. and build my own atelier and get consultants and build a team.”

He really loves what he is doing.

Most people don’t believe that he is in debt, Kanye don’t care. The recording artist puts every dime into his business and employees.

Kanye said, “The people who know what the f–k I’m talking about know what the f–k I’m talking about. So I refuse people who write me off as some rich kid taking a hobby, fashion as a f–king hobby or a fashion plate.”

His wife post a photo on her Instagram account with caption, “I ❤️ my family.”

Kanye West

Instagram: @kimkardashian


Kanye is a great husband and the best father. The recording artist is working hard for his family, because he loves them. He is very busy, but he never forgets to spend time with them.

Kanye wants the best for his wife and children.

The recording artist said, “I will f–king laser you with alien f–king eyes and explode your f–king head. Shut the f–k up – try to write a rap.” “Okay then. I made this f–king T-shirt, now shut up. And it cost me everything I had and I gave everything I had,” he added.

The recording artist always tries his best because he has a goal.


Kanye West

Instagram: @kimkardashian


Kanye didn’t forget to compare himself to Chris Gardner.

The 39 years old father said, “Okay, do you know when he was trying to sell the bone density machines? That was like me meeting with the head of Staff International.”

Kanye is very thankful because his family and fans are very supportive.

Written by: Mae S.

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