Audrina Patridge Says Breastfeeding Is Painful

Audrina Patridge is an American actress, model and television personality. For her, the hardest adjustment to motherhood was breastfeeding.

Audrina Patridge says it was more painful than the c-section.

Recently, the American actress gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Audrina used her official Instagram and share a photo with a caption, “Kirra’s nap time 😍. @caseyloza @samanthapatridge waiting for you two to arrive!! #hurrrrryyyyup.”

Audrina Patridge

Instagram: @audrinapatridge


Audrina said, “Breastfeeding was the most painful thing.” “For me, it was more painful than the c-section,” she added.

The actress learns how to push through the pain and survive.

Audrina said, “The first two to three weeks were excruciating.” “But I got through it,” she added.

She can do everything because it’s for her baby girl.

Audrina admits, “I slept on the couch for a week. My grandma came and helped for a week. It was crazy.” “Once I had Kirra, nothing else mattered.” “I didn’t even care. I didn’t care about the dishes piling up or anything. I just let it go,” she added.

Her baby  is on the verge of turning 3 months old, Audrina can focus on the happy moments with baby Kirra.

Audrina is happy with her fiance Corey Bohan. He is not just a great man, but also a responsible father.


Audrina Patridge

Instagram: @audrinapatridge


Audrina said, “She’s definitely a water baby.” “Corey can’t wait to take her surfing. And I just can’t wait to get our nails done and take her shopping, the little things,” she added.

She is so thankful because they have them.

Audrina said, “She’ll be a tomboy with Corey and a full-on girly girl with me.” “She’ll be a cute little tomboy who likes makeup,” she added.

The two will definitely give everything to their baby girl, because she is their happiness.

Their fans can’t wait to see more updates from the couple together with their baby.

Written by: Mae S.

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