Molly Sims: We Were ‘Super Nervous’ Because of My Age

Molly Sims is one of the most popular American model and actress.

The American model and actress is becoming a mom of three, and just like any other women who has ever been pregnant, she has a realistic experience.

Molly, who is 43 years old admits in a new video posted on her website, “I’ve been crazy sick.”

She shares her experiences in the second trimester of third pregnancy.

The actress said, “I wake up in the morning, I feel like I wanna vomit. I have lunch and wanna vomit, and wanna vomit at dinner… and then when I go to bed, I still want to vomit.” “I have vomited at grocery stores, I have vomited in my house, I have gagged on my toothpaste,” Molly added.

According to her, she has been more sick in this third pregnancy than she was with daughter and son. Scarlett May is now 17 months old while Brooks Alan is 4 years old.

Molly feels much better now, though she faced some other challenges.

Molly said, “Being 43… we wanted to tell everyone, but we were super nervous about, you know, the testing… so it’s just been really, really stressful, but everything so far is on track.” “I’m not gonna show you guys yet, but there might be a little bit of an ultrasound in here. But we’ll get to that — that’s a surprise. You’ll have to keep watching,” she added.

Molly shares a photo on Instagram with a caption of, “I’m letting you in on my 2nd trimester journey with #BabyStuber3 tomorrow on my YouTube channel. The morning sickness, the cravings, everything. Make sure to subscribe by clicking the link in my bio! Can’t wait to share with you guys! 💗 | 📷 credit: @erica_rhiannon_hampton.”


Instagram: @mollybsims

Instagram: @mollybsims


The American model said, she is able to eat some foods she’s been craving, especially the one that she wants every night.

Molly said, “With Brooks, I literally ate, like, seven apples a day. With Scarlett, I ate, like, seven oranges a day.” “And with this one… it’s crazy, but it’s chocolate,” she added.

The model recalls, “My girlfriends last night were here visiting me, and they were like, ‘Are you drinking hot chocolate? Oh, I was with the little mini marshmallows that are really not good for you. I have one every single night.”

Molly also touches with the changes in her body, especially her pregnancy weight.

Molly said, “With my first baby, Brooks, I gained 84 pounds. Yes, 84 — 8, 4. It took me almost 15, 16 months to lose it.” “With Scarlett, I went on medication and I didn’t gain as much, but I was just about to reach my goal weight, the Kardashian goal weight. The weight where you feel, ‘Oh my God, my stomach looks good,” the model added.

The model said, “I really miss my waist. I have a waist, but the waist is now down here.” “[I don’t have] a Sports Illustrated waist any longer,” she added.

For Molly it’s a whole new experience, being pregnant and a mom of two.

The American actress said, “It’s much more tiring. I don’t get anything done.” “I think I’m much more hormonal. I’m like the crazy bitch sometimes, I’ll be really nice one time, and really crazy the next,” she added.

Molly also said, “My husband loves me right now. He really loves me.”

Written by: Mae S.

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