Lachey And His Wife Vanessa Are Expecting Their Third Child

One of the most exciting things that Nick Lachey might ever have to do is to be a dad of three kids. Yes, Lachey and his wife are expecting their third child.

Last Friday, the couple announced their great news; they didn’t even forget to share in Instagram.

Nick Lachey is 42 years old his wife Vanessa is 35 years old.

They share a photo on Instagram with a message, “We got a new crib! Now we need a new CRIB!” The photo was taken in front of their new home. They are so happy, especially their two kids.

They are expecting their third baby this coming 2017, “Newest Lachey arriving Spring 2017.”

Nick and Vanessa caption their Instagram post, “#LacheyPartyOf5… and Wookie!”


Instagram: @vanessalachey

Instagram: @vanessalachey


The Lachey will welcome their newest family member this spring. Brooklyn Elisabeth, who is 20 months old and Camden John, who will turn 4 this coming September 12 are ready to welcome their sibling.

Nick and Vanessa are so excited, especially the kids.

The Instagram photo received thousands of likes and comments from their fans.

From their past comments about expanding their family, three sounds like a magic number.

Last 2013, Vanessa said, “We talked about three. I’ve always loved having a big family and truth be told, when I’m old and gray I’ll need a couple of them to take care of me.”

Vanessa wants to have a big happy family, and now they will become five.

Last 2014, Lachey said, “I’m very excited to be a dad again.” “My dream in life has always been to have a family. It’s surreal when it starts to happen before your eyes,” he added.

It’s a dream come true for Nick, having a very supportive wife and kids makes his life complete.

Their fans and followers are so happy for them, aside from all the success in life, they have kids.

The Lachey kids are their happiness in life.

Written by; Mae S.

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